Policies and confidentiality

Who processes your data sent to the site?

AutoRentDz is responsible for processing personal data (i.e. any information that identifies you, directly or indirectly) belonging to you and collected via our internet platform.

What is your information intended for?

The data transmitted voluntarily on our site are used for the following purposes:

  • Prepare your rental contract
  • Confirm, modify or cancel your reservation
  • Communicate with you regarding your reservation (eg: send you the details concerning the delivery of the vehicle, the availability of the desired model, the return of the vehicle, answer your questions, etc.)
  • Provide you with an invoice
  • File a claim with our insurers
  • Management of fines with the competent authorities
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys
  • Managing your loyalty program
  • The organization of competitions and raffles
  • Provide you with special advantages based on your booking history
  • Sending email and SMS during special events (birthday, aid, Ramadan, etc.)
  • This list is not exhaustive, other uses may be added eventually.
How is your information protected?

Our company has subscribed to a highly secure SSL encryption system to allow you to send us your information in complete confidentiality. In addition, our organization has taken all the necessary technical measures to protect the servers that host our customers' information against any malicious intrusion attempt.