Rental conditions

Minimum age :

Due to the severe restrictions imposed by our insurers, we require that our customers have a minimum age of 28 years in addition to 2 years of driving experience.

Caution :

The deposit required depends on the insurance for which the customer has opted and to the car model booked, it would be between 0 and 1000 EURO. Please refer to the HELP section and read the question about insurance for all the details.

Insurance :

Only persons on the contract are allowed to drive the car and are therefore insured.

In the event of a disaster :

Our insurers offer several possibilities of cover to our customers :
- If the client opts for insurance WITH deductible (i.e. STANDARD or COMFORT insurance) In the event of a claim, the MAXIMUM liability of the client is limited to the amount of the DEPOSIT.
- If the customer opts for insurance WITHOUT a deductible (i.e. SERENITY insurance) In the event of a claim, the insurance covers all inherent damage to the part and labor.

Mileage :

All our rentals are in unlimited mileage no matter how long you choose.

Fuel :

The customer can choose to have a car with full fuel. In this case a fee of (20 $ or euros) will be charged. Otherwise, the customer is required to return the car with the same fuel level at the time of delivery.

Extension :

Any customer wishing to make an extension must keep us informed 48 hours in advance and depends if the car is available.

Restitution before due date :

If the customer decides to return the vehicle before the agreed date, no refunds are granted.

Repatriation and repair :

Any natural mechanical breakdown not caused by an inadequate use of the car requiring troubleshooting is entirely at our charge. Any other reason forcing the customer to use the services of a convenience store must bear the costs related to it.

Time of return :

The vehicle must be returned at the time indicated on the contract. Any delay will result in penalties.

Delivery location :

We offer the possibility of delivering and returning the rented car free of charge to the airport of Algiers. It is also possible to have the car delivered to the hotel or to an address in Algiers for an additional fee.

Aesthetic condition :

The vehicle is washed and disinfected before each rental to be delivered clean. The customer is not forced to wash it before returning it but is requested to keep it clean for the duration of its use.

Contraventions :

Any contravention issued by the authorities during the period of rental is entirely at the expense of the tenant.